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This narration enhanced my love...

I absolutely LOVED listening to The Highlander. Derek Perkins took an excellent story and made it exceptional. Mr Perkins was The Demon Highlander and he did it vera vera well.

My below review is really long, so if you can't be bothered reading, just know this... IT'S BLOODY GOOD! Also, it's a bit dark.

I'm going to kick myself for listening to thIs series ones straight after the other and finishing them so quickly but I can't help myself. THEY'RE SO BLOODY GOOD!

Not changing my rating but wish I could give it more than 5 stars.


Facing your Demon…and falling in love

To be honest, I read and loved The Highlander and I just don’t know if I can do this story justice. I couldn’t read this story fast enough. When I had to put my kindle down to watch my son play footy today, I was not a happy camper. My resentment wasn’t helped by a one-eyed ref, dirty opposition and my son coming home with a shiner. We got home and I handed him an ice pack and left him in his father's very capable hands. Well, sports is their world...not mine, I'm just the cheer squad. Dad's the trainer, sports manager and physical therapist so it falls in his jurisdiction and parental contract (just kidding...not kidding). When I got back to my story a few hours later, I hardly moved until it was finished. I really needed a cone of silence today. My family were chatting…very loudly…and having fun…very loudly. Couldn’t they tell I needed quiet? So inconsiderate…

I never thought I’d fall in love with a murderer…let alone three of them. The Victorian Rebels series has opened my eyes to the benefits of standing at the side of a violent man. Obviously, it is only a benefit if you are on his good side. I’m pretty sure if you fall into the category of enemy you’d want to be far, far away and definitely not within reach of these violent men.

We’ve met and watched Blackheart, the king of London Underworld fall in love with Farrah, in the first story. Then there was Hunter, London’s most elite killer who never misses his mark, until the mark turned into the love of his life, Millie. Now we are meeting Demon and watching his love story play out with Mena. All of these men have lived violent lives with murder on their minds and blood on their hands. I never once question how they could do the stuff they do or have done. It was plain to see that their upbringing damaged them. The size and strength of these men made them the perfect weapons of mass destruction…even under the banner of serving Her Majesty’s service.

The Demon Highlander, Laird of clan Mackenzie, Marquess Ravenscroft and Lt Col. William Mackenzie holds many titles. Liam is most famously known as the Demon. Liam decides at a young age to enlist in the army to get away from his evil father and get the violence he feels pumping through his veins out. Unfortunately, Liam is now living with the guilt of all those slain by his hand. He has two children, Rhianna aged 17 and Andrew age 12. He has not played a large part in their lives up till now, but with his final commission served, it’s time to return home. His little angels aren’t so angelic and definitely in need of a firm hand and some good teaching. Liam needs to find the perfect Governess to make a fine lady of his daughter and an upstanding gentleman of his son. He calls on his friend (and secret brother) Dorian Blackwell, and Dorian’s wife Farrah, to help him find the perfect one.

We meet Philomena at her worst. This poor woman has spent the last 5 years in hell. The first scene when we meet her brought tears to my eyes and broke my heart. It makes me shudder to think of the innocent people who were locked up in prison or asylums at the whim of the aristocracy. When Mena manages to escape her hell, she has two couples who help her gain her freedom and hide her from the evil she escaped. Her hiding place is with the Demon helping him make his mini demons become angels.

The Highlander was brilliant. I fell in love with the characters, the storyline was riveting and the passion that ignited between the couple was electric. The heroine, Mena, is a busty and tall woman and it was an absolute highlight for me that she found comfort in the highlands because her size didn’t stand out. She had been belittled and laughed at in London, but here she was admired. The Scottish men are big and brawny and they like to have a woman who can stand up to their size and strength.

There are some scenes of torture, violence and attempted rape. While these scenes were uncomfortable to read and broke my heart, I was able to compartmentalise and deal with them. There was one scene where the hero does something stupid that made me grit my teeth, but luckily he is steered in the right direction by an unlikely source.

If you are a fan of historical romance and don’t mind a little darkness in your reads, I strongly suggest giving Kerrigan Byrne a try. If you have never read a historical romance and are thinking of trying one, I would definitely give this series a try. I can’t wait for The Duke.

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