Tally ho pip pip. Warning, Chain of Gold may cause readers to speak in terrible British accents and use words like poppycock.

Venturing back into the world of the Shadowhunters was glorious, Chain of Gold continues the narrative of the Herondale family through their children, James and Lucy in Edwardian London. Lackadaisical Shadowhunters enjoying picnics in the parklands and lavish parties, contradictory to the commonly bustling streets of London. But trouble is brewing, chocks away old chap!

Regardless of my terrible British grammar, Chain of Gold is incredible, diverse and lavishly written. Compared to previous Shadowhunter releases, the Chain of Gold characters are beautifully written and dimensional, unreliant upon arrogance and their heroic capabilities. Unrequited love, enchantment and tumultuous love affairs, adventure was certainly afoot. One of the loveliest aspects of Cassandra Clare's novels is the chosen family aspect. Characters from various families, various generations, all caring for one another under the most austere of circumstances.

It's bloody brilliant!

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