A vacuum of power developed after the vanquishing of the red court. A supernatural conclave is gathering in Chicago to discuss threats from the Outsiders and to form an accord against power struggles.

People aren’t happy with Dresden or his position on the council. To save his brother, he’ll owe favors.

We see Molly, Butters, Mave, and have to deal with Dresden’s grandfather. We even spend some interesting time with Murphy and The Vampire Queen. I loved it. Butcher has developed his secondary characters and they have become just as important to me as Harry himself.

Butters and Murphy continue to be favorites, and Bonnie was a hoot. I enjoy how Butcher weaves in humor while placing our characters in peril.

We battle the creepy Outsiders who are moving in to fill the void left by the Red Court. Yikes. It brought back memories from previous books and hinted at things to come. OMG. We deal with some pretty intense battle scenes before Butcher sends us off to deal with the fairy courts.

Harry continues to grow as a character, especially now that he is a father. He can see more of the big picture and it changes his perspective. His loyalty to family and belief in the good of others may yet get him killed, but I wouldn’t want him to change.

Fair warning this ends of a cliff and I am already counting down the days until Battle Ground.

James Marsters is the voice of Harry and the other characters. Over the series we see him grow as a narrator as the industry grows right along with him. A stellar performance and one of my favorite narrators.

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