Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson

Walk on Earth a Stranger (Gold Seer Trilogy, #1)

by Rae Carson

Gold is in my blood, in my breath, even in the flecks in my eyes.

Lee Westfall has a strong, loving family. She has a home she loves and a loyal steed. She has a best friend—who might want to be something more.

She also has a secret.

Lee can sense gold in the world around her. Veins deep in the earth. Small nuggets in a stream. Even gold dust caught underneath a fingernail. She has kept her family safe and able to buy provisions, even through the harshest winters. But what would someone do to control a girl with that kind of power? A person might murder for it.

When everything Lee holds dear is ripped away, she flees west to California—where gold has just been discovered. Perhaps this will be the one place a magical girl can be herself. If she survives the journey.

The acclaimed Rae Carson begins a sweeping new trilogy set in Gold Rush-era America, about a young woman with a powerful and dangerous gift.

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4 of 5 stars

This is the second new YA release I've read this month about a girl in the 1800's who flees her home following the murder of her father, disguises herself as a boy, and heads out west in search of gold. VENGEANCE ROAD by Erin Bowman was the first and, while fun as a True Grit homage, was little lacking in places. In contrast, WALK ON EARTH A STRANGER, is epic and magical and completely engrossing.

Having read and loved Rae Carson's Fire and Thorn series, I had high hopes for her new Gold Seer Trilogy featuring a protagonist who can sense gold, and she didn't disappoint. Lee is tenacious and brave without being foolhardy. Her wild west journey is fraught with danger and adventure including thieving bandits and epidemic disease, roving Indians and unexpected romance. There are a couple overdone characters (the reverend comes to mind), but most of this expansive cast sparkles every bit as much as the gold that calls to Lee.

The journey west was at times a tad tedious, but overall, I loved this book and plan to rush out and claim the sequel when it comes out next year.

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