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I like Jeb and I love Morpheus so The Moth in the Mirror was a nice treat. Morpheus has decided to view Jeb's lost memories of Wonderland in order to understand his competition better. He hopes to find a weakness that he can exploit so that he can win Alyssa's heart once and for all. While I do like both love interests--and would actually love a threesome between them--I am more team Morpheus, although he plays dirty!

The Moth in the Mirror gives us three scenes from Splintered, but in Jeb's POV. These type of novella's usually don't hold my interest that much, but in this case it did. That's because the author actually used parts where Jeb and Alyssa aren't together, so we actually get some new information. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it was still interesting to get into Jeb's head for a little while and witness what he encountered while in Wonderland. I did like this novella a lot, but I wish there had been Morpheus!

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