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A wee bit of eye-rolling shenanigans...

While I enjoyed No One to Trust, I have to admit that it wasn't as good as the first instalment. I really like the characters, the storyline kept me entertained and there were some funny moments.

Lexi is her usual geeky self but it skips to the next level (in cringeworthiness) when her best friend hires a stripper to teach her to get in touch with her 'Pussy Galore'. We still have an undisclosed hero and the romance that is present in this instalment, is still at the sweet stage. There are three blokes who could be classed as 'hero' category, but I'm still uncertain who I want to be the main squeeze.

The murder and mystery part of this story was interesting but seems so outdated now. Biotechnology that's considered new and unheard of, energy-efficient fuels that are considered new and cutting-edge, and robotics that's considered new and can fix everything. It's sometimes hard to even think that these things were new 10 years ago. They feel like they've been around forever. Here, a man is missing because of his 'new' and exciting concepts, and it's not clear if he's been taken or running for his life. Only Lexi Carmichael with her nerdy (and not so nerdy) mates can find the answers.

I enjoyed No One to Trust and my introduction to the Lexi Carmichael Mystery series and I may come back for more in the future.

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