Sweep with Me by Ilona Andrews

Sweep with Me (Innkeeper Chronicles, #3.5)

by Ilona Andrews

A charming, short novella in the Innkeeper Chronicles, from #1 New York Times bestselling author, Ilona Andrews. 

Thank you for joining us at Gertrude Hunt, the nicest Bed and Breakfast in Red Deer, Texas, during the Treaty Stay. As you know, we are honor-bound to accept all guests during this oldest of innkeeper holidays and we are expecting a dangerous guest. Or several. But have no fear. Your safety and comfort is our first priority. The inn and your hosts, Dina Demille and Sean Evans, will defend you at all costs. [But we hope we don’t have to.]

Every winter, Innkeepers look forward to celebrating their own special holiday, which commemorates the ancient treaty that united the very first Inns and established the rules that protect them, their intergalactic guests, and the very unaware/oblivious people of [planet] Earth. By tradition, the Innkeepers welcomed three guests: a warrior, a sage, and a pilgrim, but during the holiday, Innkeepers must open their doors to anyone who seeks lodging. Anyone.

All Dina hopes is that the guests and conduct themselves in a polite manner. But what’s a holiday without at least one disaster?

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4 of 5 stars

This is a novella in the Innkeeper Chronicles, one of my favorite series by the Andrews team. I mean a magical inn with intergalactic guests, how could you not love it?

The tale pics up shortly after the events of One Fell Sweep. While Dina survived something is off and it has her worried. No time to worry though because Treaty Stay is coming and guests are arriving. Dina and Sean must work to keep the Inn safe and the guests from killing each other.

I loved being back at Inn and I throughly enjoyed my stay. The guests were, uh, unique. Watching Dina forget her worries for a moment and deal with the current crisis was delightful.

We are treated to a side story involving Sean and our chef who take an unexpected road trip, not to mention the menu! Hilarious!

Fans of the series will enjoy the festivities and being at the Inn once again.

While I missed Renée Raudman, I enjoyed Natalie Naudus narration. She did a stellar job with the characters. She enhanced the story with her tone, pacing and inflection. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer

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