Book 1


by Sarah Day

Published 14 March 2022

At a young age, Saige discovers that she is heir to the throne in another world. A world where the people who inhabit it hold powers greater than humans. This world is called; Selestria. As Saige reaches the age of eighteen, she discovers that her sister, who has been acting as queen of the Alev kingdom, has been kidnapped and has been deemed as dead to the public, forcing Saige to take the throne in a world that she barely knew even existed. As Saige learns the ways of surviving in Selestria and being the queen that her citizens need, she discovers that the other royals of this world are in competition to seize the ultimate power for themselves and will go to any lengths to steal her power.

Book 2

Selestria 2

by Sarah Day

Published 16 May 2022

As Saige continues on her journey for ultimate power, she is tested how far she is willing to go for the ultimate power and where exactly her morals lie, showing her how challenging it may be to balance being queen, wedding plans, her new relationship, and most importantly the chase for the crystals. When it all seems to be too much for her, she is shocked to be betrayed by the person she least expected...

Book 3

Selestria 3

by Sarah Day

Published 1 August 2022

After a lifelong rivalry with the Evolin kingdom and the constant betrayals that Saige has faced with its people, she is never expected to form an alliance with the prince of the kingdom, Austin Maleki. With Saige no longer being the only one on the Alev throne and having to share it with the new king, she is now left with only one responsibility, for her and Austin to achieve the ultimate power together and bring peace to Selestria once and for all.

Book 4

Selestria 4

by Sarah Day

Published 10 November 2022

Losing everything can cause you to reflect and grieve, it's no exception for this prior queen. After spending the last year gaining friends and family, it is lost in an instant. Being forced into the human world once again with no return back to Selestria, Saige must completely start over. Struggling to find her way in her new life residing in the human world, while having to face the consequences of returning to a world that she had abandoned for a year, she is fortunate to have her former best friend, Addisin, to rely on. When forced back into Selestria once again, the chase for ultimate power continues with Austin by her side. Once the ultimate power is finally achieved once and for all, only one can achieve their goal.

The finale to the Selestria series.