Book 1


by Angelina J. Steffort

Published 4 January 2021

Some souls go to heaven, some go to hell. I never thought I would be the one to take them.

When seventeen-year-old Laney Dawson’s grandmother dies, everything the high school student thought was impossible turns out to be real. There are creatures out there bargaining for our souls when we die; Lightbringers and Shadowbringers who take souls to heaven or hell. And Laney will be one of them.

Once she has manifested as a Lightbringer, she will take souls to heaven, but until that happens, she remains an attractive target for the Shadowbringer Cas who wants her soul as a trophy. Good that Laney has her best friend Leon at her side to protect her; for losing her soul would leave her an empty human shell, pained by a void that can never be filled again. Love, death, and a hidden world that decides our fate.

Death is only the beginning.

If you love Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and Fallen by Lauren Kate this new series is for you...

Torn is the first book in bestselling author Angelina J. Steffort’s Breath of Fate series, a young adult paranormal romance about a girl caught between the allure of darkness and light.

Book 2


by Angelina J. Steffort

Published 30 April 2021

I gave my soul to save my friend. What can I trade to save myself?

Carrying souls to heaven is no longer news to Laney, but finding a way out of the desperate bargain she struck with Shadowbringer Cas is bad news—on a daily basis. While she is still figuring out her relationship with Leon, the darkness of Cas’s claim gradually pulls her under.

As Laney and Leon desperately search for a way out of Laney’s bargain, Gran’s old stories finally shed some light into the mysteries she left behind.

Laney must face that she can run from Cas all she wants but there will be a day when she belongs to him. Not even Leon can change that.

Unraveled is the second of four books in the Breath of Fate YA paranormal romance series.

Book 3


by Angelina J. Steffort

Published 30 September 2021

I will go to hell for him. Coming back is a bonus.

As Laney struggles to keep her sanity with Cas’s whispers from the afterlife, she relies on her new-found friendship with Avery, the only person who missed him almost as much as she does.

Little does Laney know that her knowledge about Shadowbringers isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. A whole new layer of trouble is waiting for her as she makes plans to find Cas and bring him back. But there is a new Shadowbringer in town—and if you thought Cas was bad, you haven’t met Luc.

Book 4


by Angelina J. Steffort

Published 28 February 2022