The Doors of Midnight: The epic Silk Road fantasy adventure (Tales of Tremaine, #2)

by R.R. Virdi

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Book cover for The Doors of Midnight

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A breathtaking Silk Road-inspired epic fantasy, an ode to the power of storytelling and an adventure story filled with magic - this is the captivating sequel to The First Binding.

Some stories are hidden for a reason. All tales have a price. And every debt must be paid.

I killed three men as a child and earned myself the name Bloodletter. Then I set fire to the fabled Ashram. I've been a bird and robbed a merchant king of a ransom of gold. And I have crossed desert sands and cutthroat alleys to repay my debt.

I've stood before the eyes of god, faced his judgement, and cast aside the thousand arrows that came with it. And I have passed through the Doors of Midnight and lived to tell the tale.

I have traded one hundred and one stories with a creature as old as time, and survived with only my cleverness, a candle, and a broken promise.

And most recently of all, I have killed a prince, though the stories say I have killed more than one.

My name is Ari. These are my legends.

And these are my lies.

Readers love The Doors of Midnight:

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  • Publish Date 15 August 2024 (first published 13 August 2024)
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