Starr Z. Davies writes by the lake in Wisconsin as she dreams up new ways to torture her characters. She gained a reputation as the "Character Assassin" because she has a habit of utterly destroying her characters physically and emotionally - a habit she steadfastly maintains. Her books span from historic settings to future worlds - all with a bit of fantasy or sci-fi flare - written for teens and adults alike. Her debut Powers Series received rave reviews from readers. Her Fractured Empire Saga won awards for Outstanding Historical Fiction. If you want to become friends with Starr, dark chocolate is the way into her heart. That or a love for dystopian and fantasy books. Learn more about her at her website: www.starrzdavies.comThe best way to connect is on social media. Follow her for updates, and a glimpse into her daily life.TikTok: @starrzdaviesInstagram: @s.z.daviesFacebook: @szdaviesTwitter: @szdaviesYou can also follow her on: AmazonGoodreadsBookBubJoin the discussion!If you want to be part of Starr's online community, you can join her Assassins' Guild on Facebook.