​Starting his career as an intern at Marvel Entertainment, Kwanza worked his way up in the comics industry to eventually launch DC Comics’ first webcomics imprint, and drafted the blueprints for their digital comics initiative. He recently made a splash in the creative pool launching a crowdfund for what became the critically acclaimed BLACK – a graphic novel that asked the question: what if only black people had superpowers?​
Feb 14, 2023
Cover of White

White (Black)

Jan 21, 2021
Cover of Ignited Vol. 2

Ignited Vol. 2

Oct 29, 2019
Cover of Dead Beats

Dead Beats

Oct 15, 2019
Cover of Ignited Vol.1

Ignited Vol.1

Feb 13, 2018
Cover of Black AF

Black AF

Nov 14, 2017
Cover of Black Volume 1

Black Volume 1