Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang (Novel) Vol. 4 (Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang (Novel), #4)

by Priest

Eleven small jars (Illustrator)

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Book cover for Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang (Novel) Vol. 4

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A USA TODAY BESTSELLER! The steampunk danmei/Boys’ Love series set in a world like historical China that inspired multimedia adaptations–officially in English for the first time! Don’t miss this tale by the blockbuster author behind live-action hits Guardian (original novels also published by Seven Seas) and Word of Honor!

The discovery of violet gold, a vital fuel for steam-powered machines, propelled the empire of Great Liang into an age of prosperity. But for Chang Geng, a young man raised on the impoverished northern border, the concerns of the empire are as distant as the stars above.

When raiders from the north attack Chang Geng’s small village, he discovers that the life he knows is a lie. His mother, his teacher, and even his godfather whom he trusted more than any other, Shen Shiliu, are not what they seem. As enemy nations close in, Chang Geng follows his godfather to the heart of the imperial capital, where a greater fate lies in store for him.

This steampunk series set in a world like historical China, built around the desire between two men (danmei), was penned by blockbuster author priest, whose works have been translated into many languages and inspired global multimedia franchises, including the live-action dramas Guardian and Word of Honor. The Seven Seas English-language edition will include exclusive, all-new covers and new interior illustrations.
  • ISBN10 1638589429
  • ISBN13 9781638589426
  • Publish Date 17 September 2024
  • Publish Status Forthcoming
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Seven Seas Entertainment, LLC