Heirs Of Bone And Sea (Dark Depths, #1)

by Kay Aams

Keylin Rivers (Cover Designer) and Grayson Wilde (Maps)

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Book cover for Heirs Of Bone And Sea

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Climb the tower. Kill the princess.

Evhen, princess—no, queen—of Vodaeard, is on a revenge mission. After witnessing her parents’ brutal murder by the king of Marama and the horror of his undead army, she’s vowed to kill his daughter. It’ll be poetic justice and also take away his supernatural edge in the war. But when she realizes the princess might be an ignorant pawn, she changes course and hides her royal identity—after all, she can’t trust an enemy, no matter how beautiful she is.

Stay alive. Break the curse.

Princess Kalei of Marama is moon-blessed, allowing her to resurrect her kingdom’s loyal subjects. But when she’s attacked in her safe lighthouse by a fiery pirate, her worldview is shattered once she learns what her power is really being used for. Determined to prove her innocence and willingness to stop her father, she has no choice but to trust her would-be killer to safely deliver her to the Vodaeardean princess. But who can she trust in when it seems Captain Evhen is not the only one who wants her dead?

  • ISBN10 1958607096
  • ISBN13 9781958607091
  • Publish Date 5 March 2024
  • Publish Status Forthcoming
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Inimitable Books, LLC