The Desire Collection June 2022: On Opposite Sides (Texas Cattleman's Club: Ranchers and Rivals) / One Colorado Night / After Hours Temptation / When the Lights Go out…

by Cat Schield, Joanne Rock, Kianna Alexander, and Jules Bennett

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Red Hot Romances from Mills & Boon!

On Opposite Sides
Cat Schield

Their families may be feuding
So they’re keeping their enemy very, very close…

From the moment he sees her, Nolan wants to know Chelsea. He tells himself it’s just to gain valuable intel in his family’s battle for oil rights. But he knows there’s more, and soon his obsession with her threatens to derail his plans…

One Colorado Night
Joanne Rock

She vowed to make peace with her past.
Now she’s having her ex’s baby…

After her parents’ messy divorce—and her own bad breakup with rancher Ryder—real estate guru Jess cut all ties to her former home in Colorado and fled to New York. But she’s back to rekindle her undeniable flame with Ryder, and now she’s expecting his baby! Will she give their relationship a real second chance, especially once she learns the secret he’s been keeping about her father?

After Hours Temptation
Kianna Alexander

From the recording studio to the bedroom…

Renowned sound engineer Teagan prides herself on maintaining her professionalism. But guitarist Maxton challenges all her self-imposed boundaries. He’s too talented, too sexy…and too off-limits! Which is only confirmed when their innocent flirtation becomes an all-consuming affair. Are they destined to become music’s latest power couple…or just a one-hit wonder?

When the Lights Go Out…
Jules Bennett

What happens in the dark won’t stay in the dark
When business partners cross the line…

Distillery executive Elise always puts business first. No way she’ll gamble a lucrative partnership for one night of pleasure! But when a storm outage strands her with VIP client Antonio, he awakens a passion Elise can’t ignore. Continuing their affair when the lights come back on puts everything she’s worked for at risk. And now a family secret could cost her the most priceless merger of all…

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