Shuri and T'Challa: Into the Heartlands (A Black Panther graphic novel) (Marvel Black Panther)

by Roseanne A. Brown

Dika Ara jo (Illustrator)

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Book cover for Shuri and T'Challa: Into the Heartlands (A Black Panther graphic novel)

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Shuri and T'Challa set out to remove a curse from Wakanda
in this action-packed, totally original graphic novel!

Twelve-year-old Shuri is a lot of things. Scientist.
Princess. All around cooler
person than her pain-in-the-butt big brother T'Challa.
Shuri knows she could do so much more to help Wakanda, but everyone
is obsessed with the prince because he's the next Black Panther.
That is, until Soul Washing Day, one of the most important
rituals of Wakandan society.

When an argument between T'Challa and Shuri leads to one of Shuri's
inventions accidentally destroying the sacred ceremony site,
chaos reigns instead of prosperity. Suddenly the
people of Wakanda, including her mother the queen, are becoming
sick! Could this be a curse from the ancestors? Desperate to save
her mother, Shuri dives into research and finds an answer hidden
deep in an ancient children's myth. It may be nothing more than
a fantasy, but with the sickness spreading each day, the
young princess must trust her instincts and travel deep into the
mysterious Heartlands to save her family and her kingdom.

Joining Shuri on her journey is none other than a meddling
T'Challa. If Shuri and T'Challa can set aside their
jealousy and resentment of each other long enough to survive this
journey, they might just discover that they are far more
powerful together than they could ever be apart. But if
they can't face their fears in the Heartlands and lift the so-called
curse, it may not be just the end for their family, but the
end of Wakanda as they know it.

No pressure, right?
  • ISBN13 9781338648058
  • Publish Date 2 June 2022
  • Publish Status Forthcoming
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Scholastic US
  • Format Paperback
  • Pages 128
  • Language English