Dead Silence

by S.A. Barnes

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Book cover for Dead Silence

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Claire Kovalik is days away from being unemployed-made obsolete-when her beacon repair crew picks up a strange distress signal. With nothing to lose and no desire to return to Earth, Claire and her team decide to investigate.

What they find at the other end of the signal is a shock: the Aurora, a famous luxury space-liner that vanished on its maiden tour of the solar system more than twenty years ago. A salvage claim like this could set Claire and her crew up for life. But a quick trip through the Aurora reveals something isn't right.

Whispers in the dark. Flickers of movement. Words scrawled in blood. Claire must fight to hold onto her sanity and find out what really happened on the Aurora, before she and her crew meet the same ghastly fate.
  • ISBN10 1250819997
  • ISBN13 9781250819994
  • Publish Date 8 February 2022
  • Publish Status Out of Stock
  • Out of Print 5 April 2024
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint St Martin's Press
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 352
  • Language English