The Many Alters of Astrid Hayes

by Sacha Wunsch

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Book cover for The Many Alters of Astrid Hayes

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The world has evolved, and every human body houses several personalities.

With her parents at each other’s throats (all seven of them), the stress of packing for a big move, and preparing to start a new school…with all with three other personalities on board, sixteen-year-old Astrid is certain things can’t get more complicated.

Until the blackouts start.

Something unheard of—a hidden personality, dark and dangerous—creeps from the black forest of Astrid’s mind, hell-bent on destroying her and the other alters, believing in the old way of one body, one person. Along with her alters, school counselor, and a recently reunited friend who makes her heart flutter, Astrid must find a way to stop herself from destroying herself.

  • ISBN10 1094099066
  • ISBN13 9781094099064
  • Publish Date 8 June 2021
  • Publish Status Temporarily Withdrawn
  • Imprint Inkyard Press
  • Edition Library Edition
  • Format Audiobook (CD)
  • Duration 12 hours
  • Language English