Marvel Universe Map By Map

by James Hill and Nick Jones

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A premium, lavishly illustrated compendium of specially curated essays, boasting stunning, newly commissioned maps, illustrations, and diagrams, which explores iconic Marvel locations.

Navigate a universe of wonders.
Chart a journey across Marvel Comics’ vast and vibrant universe, from its Earthbound mean streets and hidden lands, to its mythic realms and cosmic outer reaches. This Marvel-approved compendium of specially curated essays features stunning, newly commissioned cartography, illustrations, and diagrams to help readers navigate their way around iconic locales such as Asgard, Wakanda, Atlantis, Olympus, Hell’s Kitchen, Latveria, Knowhere, The Savage Land, Battleworld, and many more.
Marvel Universe: Map by Map delineates the contours of the ever-expanding, complex, and interconnected Marvel Universe, illuminating the incredible locations, epic events, and extraordinary characters that have shaped it. Boasting dazzling new artwork, gorgeous comic book visuals, and insightful, authoritative text, this is a premium, indispensable way finder for any armchair explorer. 

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  • Publish Date 30 November 2021
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