Flameskin (Flameskin Chronicles, #1)

by Camille Longley

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Book cover for Flameskin

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A dangerous slave, a dethroned prince, and a heartless thief.

Lark was sold into slavery as a child and can’t explain the origin of her terrible, mysterious powers. When a smuggling job goes wrong and she’s abandoned by her slaver, Lark is finally given a chance to free herself and discover the truth about her past. But her freedom will come at a great cost.

The Bruuns may have lost their throne, but Soren Bruun can no longer stand by and watch the usurper empress destroy his home. When all his efforts to help his people end in failure and the neighboring kingdom invades, Soren is left with a besieged city to save and his honor to salvage.

Maku has returned from his long journey overseas to rescue the girl he loves, or at least, who he used to love. Maku is extinguished—fire has burned away all his emotions. He has one last heist to pull off, but it’s a job that may endanger the one person he’s trying to protect.

Their twisted fates will fan the flames of war. Cities will burn. Kingdoms will fall. Fire will reign.

  • ISBN10 1952795060
  • ISBN13 9781952795060
  • Publish Date 16 November 2020
  • Publish Status Active
  • Imprint Camille Longley
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 412
  • Language English