Astro City Vol. 12 Lovers Quarrel

by Kurt Busiek

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Book cover for Astro City Vol. 12 Lovers Quarrel

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In this new Astro City collection, the spotlight falls on Quarrel and
Crackerjack as they face a real crisis: What does an aging crimefighter do
when time starts to take its toll? Plus, a look into Quarrel's origins--and the
end of the line for one of Astro City's most stalwart heroes. And what's a
talking gorilla to do when he's always wanted to be a drummer in a rock and roll
band? That's right, he goes to Astro City. But from there, well, things are
never all that simple. Kurt Busiek's critically acclaimed series continues here
in Astro City Vol. 12. Collects issues #18-21 and #23-24.
  • ISBN13 9781401261344
  • Publish Date 26 April 2016
  • Publish Status Out of Stock
  • Out of Print 28 October 2021
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint DC Comics
  • Format Paperback (UK Trade)
  • Pages 144
  • Language English