The Golden Age Hawkman Archives Vol. 2

by Gardner Fox

Sheldon Moldoff (Illustrator) and Joe Kubert (Illustrator)

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Book cover for The Golden Age Hawkman Archives Vol. 2

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In these new volume of stories from the early 1940s, Hawkman meets new bird allies from Hawk Valley, who teach him secrets of tracking criminals. Together with Hawkgirl, Hawkman witnesses a robbery committed by scientists who transfer their minds into other people's bodies, stop a gang from planning their crimes via homing pigeons, thwart a group of kidnappers, meet a scientist who's bred a species of intelligent, violent plants, and much more.
Collects stories from FLASH COMICS #23-63 and BIG ALL-AMERICAN COMIC BOOK #1.
  • ISBN10 1401243843
  • ISBN13 9781401243845
  • Publish Date 31 December 2013
  • Publish Status Postponed Indefinitely
  • Out of Print 3 March 2021
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint DC Comics
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 416
  • Language English