Eternals: The Dreaming Celestial Saga

by Peter B. Gillis, Walt Simonson, and Mark Gruenwald

Peter Gillis (Script Writer), Peter B Gillis (Script Writer), Sal Buscema (Illustrator), and Walt Simonson (Cover Designer)

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Book cover for Eternals: The Dreaming Celestial Saga

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Collects Eternals (1985) #1-12; Iron Man Annual (1971) #6; Avengers (1963) #246-248; material from What If (1977) #23-30. The awesome Uni-Mind and a tragic death set the stage for a new era in the battle between the godly Eternals and their Deviant adversaries! The Eternals have spread out among the human population in secret. In these uncertain times, their new leader must hold the remaining Eternals together even as a new adversary emerges from deep in the Deviants' underground stronghold. Ghaur, leader of the Deviant priesthood, has discovered the location of a renegade Celestial, defeated and sealed away by his brethren long ago. If the Eternals can't come together and stop Ghaur, he will possess the cosmic power of this Dreaming Celestial - and conquer Earth! Plus: Don't miss the origins of the Eternals from rare WHAT IF? backup features!
  • ISBN10 1302922017
  • ISBN13 9781302922016
  • Publish Date 12 January 2021
  • Publish Status Remaindered
  • Out of Print 9 January 2024
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Marvel Comics