Wonder Woman Odyssey HC Vol 01

by J. Michael Straczynski and Phil Hester

Don Kramer (Artist)

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Book cover for Wonder Woman Odyssey HC Vol 01

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Written by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI and PHIL HESTER Art by DON KRAMER, MICHAEL BABINSKI, EDUARDO PANSICA, ALLAN GOLDMAN and JAY LEISTEN Cover by ALEX GARNER Wonder Woman gets a new costume in this start to bestselling writer J. Michael Straczynski’s run on the iconic character’s series, collected from issues #600-606. Diana must track down the truth behind what’s happened to her timeline and face the biggest stunner of all: Who destroyed Paradise Island? All bets are off as Wonder Woman embarks on an odyssey to find her past, getting a new costume, a new set of foes, and a new tone from the ground up!
  • ISBN10 1401230776
  • ISBN13 9781401230777
  • Publish Date 14 June 2011
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint DC Comics
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 168
  • Language English