by Blake Karrington

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Book cover for Thickums

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Best friends Nora, Darleen, and Andrea have one thing in common: they hustle by any means necessary. Money is never a problem for these sexy, big and beautiful women, and neither is getting a man.

Darleen doesn't really like her current occupation, but she loves the money she makes from doing it. What happens when an out-of-work Darleen devises a plan to rob her former boss? Can she manage to push a different kind of weight, or will she need to call in reinforcements?

Nora loves her job at the hospital and takes her position very seriously. After she is fired for not reporting an incident involving her fellow co-worker, will she dust off the Want Ads and look for a new employer or will she team up with her two best friends, along with a sexy corner boy named Bugsy, and flood the city with a different kind of prescription?

Take a ride with these women as they get a firsthand look at the craziness that comes along with building a drug empire and trying to stay on top. Thickums is not just another name for BBW; it's a lifestyle.
  • ISBN10 1622866908
  • ISBN13 9781622866908
  • Publish Date 27 March 2018 (first published 22 January 2016)
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Urban Books