The Dreaming Of... Collection

by Susan Stephens, Maya Blake, Olivia Gates, Kate Hewitt, Helen Brooks, Sue MacKay, Tara Pammi, Leah Ashton, Fiona McArthur, and Susan Meier

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Escape to far off places and discover romance…

Dreaming of… Brazil

At the Brazilian’s Command by Susan Stephens

Married for the Prince’s Convenience by Maya Blake

From Enemy’s Daughter to Expectant Bride by Olivia Gates

Dreaming of… France

The Husband She Never Knew by Kate Hewitt

The Parisian Playboy by Helen Brooks

Reunited…in Paris! by Sue MacKay

Dreaming of… Bali

The Man to be Reckoned With by Tara Pammi

Nine Month Countdown by Leah Ashton

Harry St Clair: Rogue or Doctor? by Fiona McArthur

Dreaming of… Italy

Daring to Trust the Boss by Susan Meier

Reunited with Her Italian Ex by Lucy Gordon

The Forbidden Prince by Alison Roberts

Dreaming of… Greece

The Millionaire’s True Worth by Rebecca Winters

A Wedding for the Greek Tycoon by Rebecca Winters

Her Greek Doctor’s Proposal by Robin Gianna

Dreaming of… Australia

Mr Right at the Wrong Time by Nikki Logan

Imprisoned by a Vow by Annie West

The Millionaire and the Maid by Michelle Douglas

  • ISBN13 9781474083089
  • Publish Date 1 March 2018
  • Publish Status Permanently Withdrawn
  • Out of Print 31 October 2023
  • Publish Country GB
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
  • Imprint Mills & Boon