Defenders Epic Collection: The New Defenders

by J.M. Dematteis, Peter B. Gillis, and Ann Nocenti

J M Dematteis (Script Writer), Peter Gillis (Script Writer), Ann Nocenti (Script Writer), Don Perlin (Illustrator), and Kevin Nowlan (Cover Designer)

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Book cover for Defenders Epic Collection: The New Defenders

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Collects Defenders (1972) #126-137, Iceman (1984) #1-4 and Beauty And The Beast (1984) #1-4. The Defenders, Marvel's weirdest non-team, have a new roster, a new headquarters and a new leader - they've evolved into a New Defenders! Their adventures are some of the most far-out trips Marvel has ever presented, but what more could you expect from a group consisting of a Valkyrie, a gargoyle, a cosmic psychic, a sentient cloud and a pair of ex-X-Men? Together they'll take on an all-new Secret Empire, killer nuclear spores in human form, the deadly Manslaughter and towering disembodied demons! Guest-starring Nick Fury, Odin, the New Mutants and more! Also featuring two limited series starring the Defenders' Iceman and Beast in solo action - plus rare articles from Marvel's 1980s behind-the-scenes magazine, MARVEL AGE!
  • ISBN10 1302912038
  • ISBN13 9781302912031
  • Publish Date 14 August 2018
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  • Out of Print 4 April 2024
  • Publish Country US
  • Imprint Marvel Comics