GB Big Road Atlas Britain 2021: A3 Spiral (Collins Road Atlas)

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The ultimate 3.2 miles to 1 inch scale large format paperback road atlas of Britain, featuring Collins' popular and well established road mapping, and designed for exceptional clarity and ease of use.

The atlas has a wide range of urban area maps at even larger scale and 64 detailed town centre street plans.

This fully updated road atlas covers the whole of Britain with each scale of mapping colour-coded for ease of use. The smallest scale maps are great for long distance route planning and the street plans help you locate your final destination.

Main features
* Easy to use, clear road maps at a scale of 3.2 miles to 1 inch of England, Wales and Southern Scotland. Northern Scotland is shown at 5 miles to 1 inch.
* Route planning section including maps at a scale of 15.8 miles to 1 inch (1:1,000,000) for long distance route planning, motorway services information and a handy distance calculator.
* 22 urban area approach maps at 1 mile to 1 inch which clearly show the best routes through and into the busiest built-up areas.
* 64 street maps focused on town centres showing places of interest, car park locations and one-way streets.
* M25 orbital map.
* Information about restricted motorway junctions.
* Park & Ride locations shown, ideal when visiting towns and cities.
* Over 30 categories of places of interest including castles, theme parks, sports venues, universities, mountain bike trails and surfing beaches.
* Full postcodes for the top 1000 places of interest - ideal for use alongside satnav systems.

  • ISBN13 9780008374372
  • Publish Date 11 June 2020 (first published 13 June 2019)
  • Publish Status Out of Print
  • Out of Print 26 April 2021
  • Publish Country GB
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
  • Imprint Collins