What Kind of Man Would I Be

by Blake Karrington

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Four friends manuever through toxic and terrifc relationships and come to terms with their troublesome views about women.

Smart, successful, and sexy, Dorrian is a local club owner and promoter with serious commitment problems. He has dreams of one day putting a ring on the finger of a woman he deems worthy, but after years in the club business and countless interactions with the party-girl types, Dorrian finds himself wondering if there is truly anyone who can live up to his standards.

Ant, a certified thug gigolo, has a skewed view of the opposite sex, due in large part to his un-trusting and unaffectionate mother. He often finds himself in need of women who can fill that void his mother left behind.
Roshon, an upwardly mobile professional, is a devoted friend and father to his seven-year-old son, RJ. Although he loves his son with all his being, the total opposite rings true for his baby's momma. Dina is the true definition of hoodrat, and she is determined to make sure she gets her share of Roshon's new success.

Carlos is a well-muscled womanizer who owns and operates his own barbershop. He is the proud father of four children, all by different women. He falls in love just as quick as he falls out of it.
Follow these four childhood friends as they navigate the sometimes treacherous, sometimes triumphant relationships with the women in their lives.
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  • Publish Date 26 February 2019 (first published 24 April 2018)
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