Her Royal Highness (Royals, #2)

by Rachel Hawkins

3.67 of 5 stars 9 ratings • 4 reviews • 35 shelved
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Her Royal Highness (Royals, #2)

by Rachel Hawkins

3.67 of 5 stars 9 ratings • 4 reviews • 35 shelved
Millie Quint is devastated when she discovers that her sort-of-best friend/sort-of-girlfriend has been kissing someone else. Heartbroken and ready for a change of pace, Millie decides to apply for scholarships to boarding schools...the farther from Houston the better.

Soon, Millie is accepted into one of the world's most exclusive schools, located in the rolling highlands of Scotland. Here, the country is dreamy and green; the school is covered in ivy, and the students think her American-ness is adorable.

The only problem: Mille's roommate Flora is a total princess.

She's also an actual princess. Of Scotland.

At first, the girls can't stand each other, but before Millie knows it, she has another sort-of-best-friend/sort-of-girlfriend. Princess Flora could be a new chapter in her love life, but Millie knows the chances of happily-ever-afters are slim...after all, real life isn't a fairy tale...or is it?
  • ISBN10 1524738263
  • ISBN13 9781524738266
  • Publish Date 7 May 2019
  • Publish Status Active
  • Publish Country US
  • Publisher Penguin Putnam Inc
  • Imprint G.P.Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers'
  • Format Hardcover
  • Pages 288
  • Language English


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kalventure 4 of 5 stars
Ahh this was another cute and fun read in the Royals series! I'll admit that I was a little sad that this book doesn't center on Daisy, but I actually enjoyed this book more than Prince Charming. While there isn't a lot of depth to the plot itself, the characters feel like real people with complex histories, and it is fun to dive a bit more in!

I appreciate the world that Hawkins of crafting with the fictional book series that our characters enjoy and all the universe tie-ins. Makes it fun.

Like the first book, the book ends a little abruptly but is left with an open-ended happy vibe. These books are fluffy and fun to read, but really skim the surface of the will-they-won't-they romances. I hope there are future books that center on the relationships being formed!
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Avatar for dragononabook

Quite short, and a bit lacking in character development due to that, but it's nice finally getting a cheesy, cliché romcom-esque story with a f/f couple, especially one where the angst doesn't come solely from it being a not-straight relationship.

There was also less boarding school and more traipsing around Scotland than I was expecting, but Scotland's a lovely place and Millie's reactions were quite realistic, so I didn't mind too much.

Overall a nice, fluffy, easy read (also the cover really is quite nice)

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liz089 4 of 5 stars
It was sooooo cute !!! I really enjoy these novels, even though they are not deep, heartwretching masterpieces, it is nice to read about a happy ending in the Scottish Highlands. Hope there will come one about Seb too !