Shadow and Thorn: A Reimagining of Beauty and the Beast (Andari Chronicles, #4)

by Kenley Davidson

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Book cover for Shadow and Thorn

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When a beautiful thief meets a beastly king, it’s anything but true love.
Unless a haunted castle can change their minds…

Zara has always hated to steal, even from the dead, but treasure hunting is the only life she knows—until her father’s cowardice traps her in an abandoned Erathi castle. She soon discovers that her new home is far less empty than she once believed, and far more dangerous than she could ever have predicted.

Alexei is king of a forgotten kingdom—its people dead or enslaved, and the magic that once protected it lost to all but memory. His only hope to save those few who remain is to return to the place where Erath fell, and brave the shadowed halls of a castle that echoes with the ghosts of his past.

When their paths collide, Alexei and Zara may both have a chance to atone for past mistakes… unless they kill each other first. Brought together by a castle, a cat, and a crew of allies both expected and unexpected, they will plumb the depths of an unimaginable betrayal and forge the foundations of a love they would risk anything to keep.

A gripping tale of adventure, betrayal, and romance, Shadow and Thorn is the fourth book of the Andari Chronicles, a series of interconnected but stand-alone fairy tale retellings that feature strong heroines, romance, mystery, and deeply satisfying happily ever afters.

  • ISBN10 1979972036
  • ISBN13 9781979972031
  • Publish Date 12 March 2017
  • Publish Status Active
  • Imprint Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Format Paperback (US Trade)
  • Pages 334
  • Language English