History Repeats Itself in the Classroom, Too!: Prior Knowledge and Implementing the Common Core State Standards

by Gregory Gray and Jennifer Donnelly

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The best history/social studies classes are those in which students act as historians, political scientists, and economists. The best teachers are those who model "discipline-specific expertise." There is an effective formula for achieving the Common Core State Standards' goal of college and career readiness in history/social studies:
*Establish the foundation for future academic work, subject area knowledge and skill development
*Take deliberate advantage of students prior knowledge of those topics taught multiple times from elementary school through high school
*Increase the complexity of reading materials in these subjects as they are covered in subsequent courses
*Develop a multi-year plan to vertically spiral writing and speaking skills towards producing work that demonstrates thinking commensurate with college and career readiness
This resource book is intended for both new and experienced teachers. School-site departments and district curriculum specialists will find this book useful. In addition, this book will be an excellent supplement for university methods instructors interested in helping their student teachers meet the goals of the Common Core State Standards.
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