Utopian Tao : The Secret for a New Generation

by Dan Jones

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Do you want to live in the current reality that was created by previous generations; or create a new reality you can be proud to pass on to future generations ' Have you tried to use Cosmic Ordering; or the ideas mentioned in 'The Secret' and 'What The Bleep' only to find you've not got the results you hoped for Or experienced 'The Living Matrix' only to be left wondering about the true nature of healing and how you can use this knowledge effectively When people are asked these questions the usual answer is a resounding 'YES'. Revealed: The Secrets behind 'The Secret', 'What The Bleep', 'The Law of Attraction' and 'Cosmic Ordering'. The Truth behind healing & the advanced discoveries that go beyond 'The Living Matrix'. Learn to: Lose weight without dieting. Beat addictions. Break habits. Manage stress. Increase health & wellbeing. Boost healing & immune system. Enhance memory & learning. Generate new skills. Achieve success. Break free from 'Reality Trances'. And more.
  • ISBN10 1447610954
  • ISBN13 9781447610953
  • Publish Date 8 December 2011
  • Publish Status Out of Print
  • Out of Print 8 October 2014
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