Book 1

Fated Bond

by Sarah Husch

Published 15 April 2023

The Cataclysm

Nearly a century ago, the world fractured. The new Veil offered easy passage between dimensions…friendly or not.

Alanna McLean bonds with Jekk, a scarred and tortured Fael from the other side—and enters a new world of danger. When Faelinn—large lynx-like cats from beyond the Veil—bond, their human gains supernatural powers.

Now Alanna finds the lost. From lost keys to lost people, she simply needs to touch something associated with the missing thing to find it.

Jonathan Burke patrols the border between worlds. When his own Gift requires him to solve a series of child murders, he reluctantly involves Alanna in the case.

Whether Alanna and Jonathan can defeat a creature that makes darkest nightmares come to life depends on their bonds with their Fael…and with each other.

New voice Sarah Husch launches readers into an exciting new world with a romance that will make your heart sing.