Book 1


by R S Crawford

Published 23 May 2023

Secrets don't make friends. But neither does the truth.

After her father's sudden death, Livvy Reape moves from the mountains of Montana to the shores of South Carolina to escape her nightmares. Instead of imagining her father's death, she's haunted by dreams of women dying, each death more gruesome than the last.

Between these visions, college, and her grief, Livvy has no time for relationships when the pretentious biologist, Liam, struts into her life. But he might be her first shot at normal in a long time, and before she knows it, Liam's warmth is all she craves.

Until she discovers meeting him wasn't a coincidence.

The visions haunting her have finally caught up, sweeping her away into a world where the ones hunting her are no longer just in her dreams.

As the battle in her head escalates, Livvy finds it harder and harder to establish what is a danger and what is the spectral of pain from her haunted past. Her struggle consumes her, until one fateful night, things come to a head and the biggest secret of her life is revealed.

Book 2


by R S Crawford

Published 30 April 2024