Book 1

The Burning Land

by David Hair

Published 1 February 2024

Brandon Sanderson meets Joe Abercrombie in this astounding novel of good, evil and magic

The Falcons are knights of the Vestal Order, pledged to use their powers to protect the Empire of Talmont from the cruel Vyr and the carnage they have unleashed upon the world.

When the Falcons take a Vyr alive, they go against the protocols of the Vestal Order and interrogate him. They are horrified to learn, if the Vyr speaks truly, that the Empire's worst enemy may not be the Vyr . . . but the Vestal Order itself.

Led by the charismatic Romara Challys, the Falcons go rogue, their quest for the truth taking them through burning forests, lost ruins and the uncanny traces of a dying race, desperate to find answers . . . before it's too late.

But the Vestal Order has no plans to let Challys and her knights succeed in their mission. With the greatest knight in history and an army of fanatics at their heels, the Falcons must evade capture and discover the truth as soon as possible. Because time is running out . . . for everyone.

'This book has everything that I love in a political fantasy. Knights, history, intrigue' - Reader Review

'The world-building in The Burning Land is excellent' - Reader Review

'A fiery fantasy adventure that blazes with action, magic and epic battles'
- Reader Review

Book 2

The Drowning Sea

by David Hair

Published 13 February 2025

The Falcons have become the empire's enemy in THE DROWNING SEA, the unmissable sequel to THE BURNING LANDS

Romara Challys and her Falcons are Vestal Knights, who have shed blood to uphold the Triple Empire against the destructive Vyr Rebellion. But now, the Falcons have become the empire's enemy.

Having learned that elobyne, the magical crystal that empowers the knights, is catastrophically destructive, the Falcons vow to save their world. But speaking truth to power is perilous, and Romara is the empire's prisoner, facing a torture and death at the hands of her former masters. Her comrades, big-hearted Gram, the prodigy Soren, and the erling mage Elindhu, are seeking her rescue, but the forces arrayed against them seem insurmountable.

Meanwhile, her loyal second, Jadyn, and the mercurial thief Aura, are seeking the aegis, an alternative magic, following a path laid down centuries before. But hunting them are Vazi Virago, the Order's Exemplar, and the fearsome lictor, Yoryn Borghart; who want the aegis for their own devious ends.

The seas are rising, harvests are failing, refugees flooding across borders are sparking wars, and the destructive rebellion threatens civilisation. The End of All Things is coming, the priests and seers say. Coros is doomed.
If the Falcons can't save their world, who can?

'Full of nuanced, loveable characters whose complex relationships with each other and with themselves make The Burning Land a compulsively readable adventure not to be missed!' Sebastien de Castell, author of The Malevolent Seven