Book 1


by C S Doraga

Published 24 January 2023

Can a scared princess conquer her fears to forge a path of her own choosing or will she lose everything?

When Imperial Princess Redrinna was six years old, the color of her hair and eyes changed from brown to blood red without explanation.

Now, she has less than a year before she inherits the throne on her eighteenth birthday, and with animosity and unrest running rampant throughout the Empire, she's desperate to escape. A close friend warns her of a plot on her life because of her possible connection to the Dragon Kin—a group of humans and dragons from a century past with the strength to topple an empire—yet she can't bring herself to believe it. Until it happens.

Miraculously, however, she survives.

Hurt and scared, she is nursed back to health by a dragon, a creature who's supposed to be extinct, and seizes the chance to leave behind a life she's never wanted and where no one wants her. But someone is determined to drag her back, even though no one should know she survived. With the dragon's help, Redrinna goes on the run, bringing her face to face with a mysterious man who knows the truth about the Dragon Kin and why someone wanted to kill her in the first place. Now, she must find the strength to fight back and restore the Dragon Kin before she loses everything she loves.