Discover the million-copy-bestselling and multi-award winning series with this ten-book-collection.

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are pupils at Deepdean School for Girls, best friends - and detectives. Or, at least, they would be, if they could find any interesting cases to solve. Then the body of their teacher, Miss Bell, is discovered in the school gym, and the girls must put their detective skills to the test at last . . .

From a murder mystery in a London theatre to a mysterious death on the Orient Express, a dastardly kidnapping in Hong Kong to their most perilous case on the River Nile, Daisy and Hazel can crack any case.

Murder Most Unladylike
Arsenic For Tea
First Class Murder
Jolly Foul Play
Mistletoe and Murder
Death in the Spotlight
A Spoonful of Murder
Top Marks For Murder
Death Sets Sail
Cream Buns and Crime