Book 1

The Mindsmith

by Muirinn MacLaren

Published 1 February 2021

Kolm is different…
…and different is not good in the villages.

Brought to live with the weavers Atil & Erna, and the twins, Nari & Fynn, Kolm tries to live as quietly as possible. But an odd experience during the knife throwing competition leads to an unexpected win. The winners have the privilege of presenting the offerings on Midsummers night to the Tur-ami, the demi-god guardians of the land, who come in larger-than-life animal form.
So far Kolm had been having a good day, but it starts to go strange when he is given an offering of meat stew to give to a Tur-ami.

Everyone knows the Tur-ami do not eat meat.

Forbidden by tradition from speaking at the sacred time, Kolm waits with dread in the light of the two moons, radiant blue Faera and little red Nith, as a wolf Tur-ami approaches. No one has ever seen a wolf Tur-ami before, and when the demi-god decides to eat Kolm’s offering and lay on his feet, Kolm wonders if he has become the next offering. Old Haak, the leader of the proceedings, declares that Kolm has been claimed by the wolf Tur-ami and needs to spend time alone with it.

After a broken night’s sleep under the moons, Kolm starts to hear a voice speaking to him within his mind. The wolf begins to communicate with Kolm through mindspeak, exploring his abilities and starting to train him to use them.

Meanwhile, the villagers become unnerved by what has happened to Kolm and look for a way to remove him from their community. Kolm is left with no other option but to leave the only home he has known. Nari and Fynn, wanting to escape arranged partnerships, determine to leave with him and the three set out, narrowly avoiding a raid to capture Kolm.

With Freyki, the Tur-ami, leading them to a secret destination, they embark on an adventure to discover Kolm’s past and help him forge a future not just for him, but his whole world.

Book 2

The Weapon

by Muirinn MacLaren

Published 6 July 2021

Kolm, now established in his role as Kolmas in the capital Kyatt’tua, faces new pressures and dangers, both from those within and without the Tua’rran people. Indulging in an ancient practice to enhance his abilities brings new problems, strengths and weaknesses. Helped by friends new and old, will he successfully help the Tua’rran to achieve their hope of peace with the other races? Or is war with Gann inevitable? Will Kolm’s ominous feelings of danger be realised? Will he pay the ultimate sacrifice?

Book 3

The Discovery of Tay

by Muirinn MacLaren

Published 11 December 2021

A danger to everyone around him, Kolm is broken by loss and war. Nayati seeks out an eccentric old friend, Otso, hoping he can help bring healing to Kolm.

Can he recover and re-join the struggle against Gann’s threat of tyranny?

A journey to the far north and a visit to TeruCygni’s most ancient clan could provide hope for Kolm and the future of the planet.