Book 1

Their Marriage Bargain

by Shannon McKenna

Published 7 July 2022

From lovers to enemies to…

husband and wife?

CEO Caleb Moss needs a business arrangement marriage to keep controlling interest of MossTech. Tilda Riley must prevent a hostile takeover of her family company—and protect the daughter Caleb has never met. The only solution is for these exes to join forces. But a vengeful enemy bent on their mutual destruction is sowing seeds of doubt that could tear Tilda and Caleb apart—this time forever.

Book 2

The Marriage Mandate

by Shannon McKenna

Published 4 August 2022

‘I have a wild idea…

I just need your help.’

Tech heiress Maddie must marry or lose the family company. So she chooses the last man her controlling grandmother will accept – Jack Daly. Her brother’s ex–business partner is a thief and a traitor. But Jack is also impossibly hot. And he’ll only play along on one specific condition, which has Maddie questioning everything she thought she knew about Jack…

Book 3

How To Marry A Bad Boy

by Shannon McKenna

Published 1 September 2022

Step 1: Draw a random name.
Step 2: Propose…

Playboy Marcus Moss is the only sibling who hasn’t fulfilled his grandmother’s decree: marry or lose the family company. So, he draws a name from all the single women working on special projects for MossTech: Eve Seaton. A brilliant, beautiful geneticist who can pretend to be his wife while he finds investors for her ground-breaking work. Win-win…

Book 4

Married By Midnight

by Shannon McKenna

Published 13 October 2022

The stranger is everything she needs:

Handsome. Interesting. And ready for marriage…immediately!

Ronnie is in trouble. The heiress needs a last-minute husband to fulfil her family’s marriage mandate before she turns thirty at midnight! So, when sexy stranger Wes volunteers himself, she’s quick to say ‘I do!’ But their impromptu Vegas wedding may be too good to be true. Ronnie never expected happily-ever-after. But what happens once the truth secrets surface?