Book 1

This Savage Sea

by A.P. Walston

Published 1 January 2022

An archaeologist with a secret.
Three years had trickled by since Anna accomplished the impossible. Three years of avoiding Briland high society, toiling away in ancient ruins among the dead. But when her brother is detained by marshals, Anna jumps at the chance for another fast-paced adventure.

A pirate longing for home.
Trevor had tasted nothing but frustration and disappointment in his search for a map and the lass who stole it. Unable to return home without it, an opportunity finally presents itself in the form of a naval captain’s arrest. Armed with a half-baked plan of impersonating one of the marshals, Trevor finds himself sitting across from the lovely thief in a wicked twist of fate.

A naval captain caught in the middle.
If Markus had known possession of the Pirate King’s map would be this much trouble, he would have told Anna to burn it all those years ago. Despite being the key to clearing his name, he considers the map the least of his concerns. Not with Anna and her mysterious companion dancing around their mutual attraction.

With their rescue attempt behind them, Anna learns the only way to truly save Markus involves the map she stole from the Pirate King. Forging their way through the desert and straight to the Briland capital, Anna finds herself fighting more than feelings of distrust for their new companion. Success hinges on their ability to work together, and with Markus’s life hanging in the balance, failure isn’t an option.

Book 2

These Hollow Shores

by A.P. Walston

Published 1 August 2022

An archaeologist caught in the middle.
When adventure entered Anna’s life in the form of a tattooed pirate and a cursed map, she had been more than willing to answer its call. Having confronted her father and escaped his estate nearly unscathed, she thought they’d gotten away with their freedom intact—Anna had been wrong.

A pirate with a secret.
Secrets had always hidden on Trevor’s skin or behind a grin. He’d never had reason to share their weight with anyone, but soon realizes revealing the secrets he’d collected could mean the difference between life or death for the wee lass he had grown so fond of.

A captain longing for home.
Markus had joined the Briland Navy hoping to find home, but it hadn’t come in the form of a quaint flat or a sprawling city—it had come with a storm and the reflection of golden-green eyes. Trapped aboard with his sister’s ex-suitor, Markus finds himself longing for a woman who wishes she had let him drown all those years ago.

With their course set, Markus, Anna, and Trevor all have choices to make—ones that will affect more than just their lives. Caught between her growing feelings and her dedication to her family, Anna must choose: the pirate or her brother.