Book 1

Dance with the Wind

by Susannah Welch

Published 19 June 2021

In a mysterious utopia, a young woman discovers love and the magic within.

Ylena has dreamed about visiting the City her entire life. Despite her grandfather’s warning about the dangerous Priests who killed her parents, she sneaks inside.
She discovers the City’s best young singers and dancers compete for the honor to be involved in the Pageant, a magical ceremony for the Goddess. After Ylena is tricked into auditioning, she learns that if the performance isn’t perfect, she will face the wrath of the High Priests.

Ylena can’t reveal that she is an outsider. A secret like that could be deadly. But her dance instructor is a young, attractive Priest, and it is difficult to keep secrets from him once they begin to dance. . .

Dance with the Wind is Book 1 in the City of Virtue and Vice trilogy. If you enjoy strong heroines, fantasy worlds, magic, and sweet romance, then try the City of Virtue and Vice series today!

Book 2

Dance with the Night

by Susannah Welch

Published 16 August 2021

Deep inside the secret city, a young woman must hide the magic within.

Ylena never felt so alive as when she danced in the Pageant beside Wilder. Until he betrayed her by walking away as the rest of the cast fought for their lives.

Now she must perform with him again to appease the dangerous Wardens who rule the underground city.

She is angry at Wilder for keeping secrets, but she has a secret of her own: she possesses all the magical Gifts. And the Wardens and High Priests will kill her if they find out.

She must endure rehearsals with Wilder, sneak out to rendezvous with Priest Caed, and discover the Wardens’ secret before the shocking performance begins.

Book 3

Dance with the Dawn

by Susannah Welch

Published 20 November 2021

The City of the Goddess is in ruins. And so is Ylena's heart.

Ylena survived the Spectacle by using magical Gifts no one realized she possessed. But it wasn't enough to stop the Wardens from overthrowing the High Priests and taking the City by force.

Now she must find a way to defeat the Wardens, but because she betrayed both Wilder and Caed, she must do it all alone.

The only person on her side is a young boy who can't remember his name. She must uncover the mystery of his past and win back those she loves before the Wardens tear the City apart.

Book 4

Fight with the Wind

by Susannah Welch

Published 6 August 2022

Book 5

Fight with the Dark

by Susannah Welch

Published 1 October 2022

Book 6

Fight with the Heart

by Susannah Welch

Published 3 December 2022