Book 1

The Century's Scribe

by Brendan Walsh

Published 27 August 2020

"If Harry Potter had grown up and gone to the university in Lev Grossman's Magician's Trilogy, the result might look something like this." -James Rollins, #1 New York Times bestseller of The Last Odyssey

Dreden Sharpstand and his father are poor. All the humans and avehos of Kroonsaed are hardly getting by. If not for the bright, enigmatic sea of gas called the Sunitian Sea, life and resources in the town would be prosperous.

But the Sea has secrets of its own...

One night Dreden and his friends are attacked by mysterious men, with weapons they cannot understand. When they strike a second time, they chase the men into the Sea, and are transported to an alternate world, to a city called Brunswald, where technology exists centuries ahead of their time. Since the new world is only populated by humans, Dreden's friend Gerrika the aveho, a flightless, humanoid bird, becomes an instant celebrity. When Dreden meets Morell Edland, the son of the richest family in the country, he falls in love with him, and can hardly remember why he ended up in the new world in the first place. Slowly, things start to reveal themselves. A secret, lost history between their two worlds is becoming unraveled, and a seemingly omnipotent force is killing thousands across the world. Just one thing is for sure: Dreden and his friends didn't end up in Brunswald by accident.

From the author of the Kirkus-acclaimed Immortale, The Century's Scribe is a must read for devourers of new adult fiction and high fantasy. Brendan Walsh delivers on his most personal novel yet.

Book 2

The Century's Last Word

by Brendan Walsh

Published 22 July 2021

The truth is almost out. Dreden, Chanin, and Gerrika are determined to put aside their emotional problems and take the mystery of Kroonsaed seriously.

But it won't be so simple for Dreden and his friends. They're powerless, alone, and unsure who they can trust. The Edlands are about to acquire the weapon they've been searching for-a magical weapon not seen in over a hundred years. If Dreden is going to stand a chance against them, they need to prevent the weapon from staying in the Edlands' hands.

The Century's Last Word finishes the story started in the bestselling The Century's Scribe. It's meshed themes of friendship, heartbreak, loss, and redemption will speak to the reader. This action-packed ending, paired with its philosophical depth, makes for an enduring fantasy. A fantasy whose heroes will live on even after the turning of the final page.