Book 1

Wild Moon

by Mila Young and C.R. Jane

Published 28 January 2021


I was taught my whole life about the importance of true mates, how when you find that one wolf for you, everything falls into place.

Everyone who taught me that was a liar.

When I found my true mate, happily ever after sure as hell didn’t start, but hell definitely began.

I ran away, and now I’ve been searching for peace for weeks as I drive around the country.

I didn’t mean to take the wrong road.

I didn’t mean to make it to that small town.

And I didn’t mean to meet two men, who set me and my wolf on fire.

But here I am somehow, and peace is the last thing I’ve found.

And don’t forget about the serial killer…

This is a Rejected Mate series, filled with scorching hot wolf shifters who take what they want, enough steam to burn you up, and a hidden town filled with secrets. You'll love this paranormal romance if you love True Blood, Twilight, or Vampire Diaries.

Book 2


by M. Sinclair

Published 16 February 2021

Five broken alphas. One lost wolf. A fate she never expected.

Silver Falls University. There was no reason for a female bitten wolf like myself to be here. More so, there was no reason that someone who grew up as poor as I did, in an overcrowded packhouse in the South Side of Chicago, should be making her way up north to one of the most prestigious supernatural universities in the country.

I truly had no idea what to expect. Something that was my own fault. I didn’t exactly have a lot of experience with anyone or anything. ‘Sheltered’ was an understatement, except to the darkness that came with struggling to survive cruel bullying and an incurable loneliness that had formed the woman I was today.
The place I had grown up never felt like home. No one had ever felt like home.
Well, until I met a man on the way to campus. A man that had me feeling so completely comfortable, yet confused and overwhelmed. There had to be something wrong with me, right? This wasn’t normal. Then again, I should have realized that nothing about my life moving forward would be normal.
I just didn’t realize how much was in store for me.

Join Effie Harlow on her journey at Silver Falls University, where she begins to realize that something about her is different. This slow-burn reverse harem paranormal romance features five protective and possessive shifter mates that are bound and determined to keep Effie by their side, no matter what. To prove to her that she is so much more than anyone has ever tried to tell her she was. Will they be able to convince her of her place at Silver Falls and in their life? Or will Effie get lost in the university crowds like she did back home? Find out in this first installment of five in the Silver Falls University Series.

Warning: This PNR university-style RH will contain swearing, adult sexual content +18, elements of PTSD and mention of prior emotional, sexual, and physical abuse, violence, and additional darker themes. Mild cliff-hanger warning.

Book 3

Torn to Bits

by Katie May

Published 5 March 2021

***This is the third book to release in the Kingdom of Wolves collection, but it CAN BE READ ON ITS OWN. You do not need to read any of the other stories in the Kingdom of Wolves collection to enjoy this book. However, Torn to Bits will continue in Ripped To Shreds.***

Totemic Wolves rule the north.

Fenrir Wolves rule the west.

And Lycans rule the east.

As the lone Bitten fraction, we’re considered a dying race. Relegated to the dry south, we’re predicted to only last a few more years before complete annihilation.

Until the three gangs that rule our city—unbeknownst to the humans—offer an ultimatum: me for our pack’s survival.

I have ninety days to choose a husband from one of the very wolf packs that ridicule and kill us for sport. Ninety days to choose the man I wish to spend the rest of my life with.

From the cold-blooded werewolf prince, to the playboy feral, to the aloof Lycan.

These men...

They think I’m prey—nothing more than a plaything for them to discard.

They’re going to find out that I’m their queen, their alpha, and it’s time they bow to me.

This is a reverse harem romance featuring one badass female lead and three sexy, possessive werewolf princes. It contains an enemies-to-lovers theme, strong language, and sexual situations. This story will conclude in Ripped to Shreds.

Book 4

Crossed Fates

by Lexi C Foss and Elle Christensen

Published 12 March 2021

Welcome to the Kingdom of Wolves.
Careful. These Alphas bite.

I hate vampires. I hate hybrids more.

Particularly, the one I’m hunting now. The bastard took something that belongs to me. My mate. I haven’t met her yet, but I can smell her—that sweet, delectable heat that calls to my inner beast.

Mmm, I can’t wait for a taste.
However, I need to save her first.
Then I can claim her.

Does she sense me coming for her? Are her thighs quaking with the need to be possessed by my hands? I hope she kneels for me. I hope she begs me to complete our bond.

Only, when I find her, she doesn’t do any of those things.
Instead, she tries to kill me.

Now it’s not the hybrid I’m hunting; it’s her—the stubborn female with no interest in our destined bond. Oh, but she’ll bow for me eventually. They always do. And when I win her over, I’m going to make her crawl.

You can run, sweetheart, but you can’t hide. I’ll always find what’s mine.

One minute, I’m minding my own business, and the next, I end up in a realm that isn’t my own. I thought maybe it was the fruity concoction of a drink the bartender had given me, but no, this is real. Too real.

What’s worse? Some asshole hybrid has taken me as his new pet. He likes that I’m a shifter who won’t break. Well, as soon as I figure a way out of this cage, I’m going to give him a whole new lesson in destruction.

Except some alpha wolf beat me to the punch. Literally. Now he claims I’m his fated mate. Ha. Over my dead body. Or, more accurately, his dead body, since I threw a dagger at his chest instead and got the hell out of Dodge.

Now he’s hunting me and making me feel things I don’t want to feel. So I’ll keep running until I can find my way home because no way am I going to give in to his fate.

Catch me if you can, Alpha. But I’ll never bow. Not even to my supposed mate.

Authors’ Note: Crossed Fates is a standalone shifter romance with dark undertones. Alaric is all possessive alpha wolf, and Makayla is all fiery stubborn female. Together, they’re explosive and passionate. There will be heat. There will be death. There will be biting. Enjoy.

Book 5

Shift of Morals

by K Webster

Published 26 March 2021

From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster comes an angst-filled, steamy age-gap MM shifter standalone romance!

***This is the fifth book to release in the Kingdom of Wolves collection but is a COMPLETE STANDALONE. It’s meant to be read on its own and is a full story with a happily ever after.***

I found him when he was a boy.
Bloody. Mangled. Near death.
If I’d been a merciful alpha, I would’ve snapped his neck and ended him right then.

Except, I didn’t.
Something in his big brown eyes tugged at my heart strings.
I kept him. Healed him. Raised him to be fierce, loyal, and brave.

Now that he’s an adult, everything’s changing.
He’s no longer the soft, scared beta I once thought he was.
No, there’s an uncontrollable anger inside him.
A rage-filled hate I don’t understand.

As a dangerous pack begins tormenting us and destroying our home, I feel him pulling from me as he seeks justice.
He thirsts for revenge, even if it means leaving our pack and going solo.
But, as his alpha, I won’t let him go without a fight.

Each time he pushes, I pull him right back to me.
I’ll keep him locked in my arms or pinned beneath me forever if that’s what it takes to keep him.
A shift of morals has begun.
One I don’t understand, but certainly don’t resist.

I’m the most powerful wolf on Beacon Island. I don’t have weaknesses.
Until now.
This wild, reckless young man changed everything when he stole my heart.

This book is a steamy standalone MM age-gap shifter romance. No other books need to be read before or after this one as it is a complete story.

Book 6


by Ivy Asher and Raven Kennedy

Published 5 April 2021

I’ve been waiting my whole life to get my wolf. But now that the time is here, I need to run.

Three years ago, a nightmare of an alpha took over my pack by force, and ever since, he’s been trying to do the same to me.

I can’t let that happen.⁣

I need to escape him before he can lay a claim, flee from what I’ve always wanted, or risk getting a wolf that will submit to him. ⁣

But nothing goes to plan. When I’m forced to take on my wolf spirit, my alpha attacks, and the fight shatters us in ways we never knew possible. ⁣

Now we’re broken. Jagged. Rabid.

To punish me, punish us for not submitting, my new wolf and I are thrown away to a savage pack, where we come face to face with Ruin Falls and the biggest monster of them all. ⁣

Alpha Tyran. ⁣

But...maybe a monster is exactly what a rabid bitch like me needs. ⁣

Will my wolf and I snap, lost to our fractured savagery? Or will this ferocious alpha teach us just what our broken nature is capable of? Maybe we can get our revenge.

...That is, if we’re rabid enough to take it.

This is a STAND-ALONE book. You do not need to read anything else to enjoy this story. 

Authors note: This book is a dark shifter romance. There are elements of strong language, violence, assault, and other situations that may be triggering.

Book 7

Alpha's Claim

by Amelia Hutchins

Published 20 April 2021

Ten years ago, I looked my mate in the eye, and I lied to him.
I told him he wasn’t my mate and that I never wanted to see him again.
I did it to save his life from my father, the alpha of the pack.
Now Saint is back, and he’s the king of all alphas, with an entire pack created of other alphas he saved from what my father did to them.
The thing is, Saint is back for revenge against those who wronged him, and I’m at the top of his list.
I did it to save his life, but the cost will be my own.
Ten years ago, she broke my heart and ripped out my soul.
Her father sent me away to a place worse than hell.
I escaped the fate he chose for us and built a pack that couldn’t be broken.
I’m the King of Alphas, and I’m heading straight for her.
Braelyn broke me, but I intend to break her apart until there’s nothing left but her worthless soul, and when I reach it? I intend to rip it apart too.

Book 8

A Lycan's Rage

by Theresa Hissong

Published 7 May 2021

A family curse binds Bane Volkova to shift into a monster on each full moon. A Lycan unlike any myth known to the humans, he maintains his secret while running an upscale Las Vegas casino. When makeup mogul Reese Berkshire steps through his doors, Bane’s instincts flare with awareness, but his senses know she is of Gypsy blood…the same blood who cursed his family thousands of years ago.

Reese’s first week in Las Vegas is strictly for work. Her cosmetics company is moving from California, making its new headquarters in a warehouse district not far from the Las Vegas strip. To celebrate, she books a private dinner at the Volkova Casino and Luxury Resort where she is welcomed by the owner and his private staff. Their encounter is nothing short of hot, sexual tension and heated glances when no one is looking.

As random gifts show up at her office, she wrongly suspects the owner of the casino is her admirer. Her team finds out the truth, and the sexy billionaire offers his protection until the threat is gone. She soon realizes he will do anything in his power to keep her from harm.

On the night of the full moon, Bane’s rage will change everything his family has held secret when Reese is taken from him by a rogue of his own kind. Will the scent of her ancestor’s blood be her demise, or will Reese run from the monster she loves to save herself?

Book 9

Wild Heart

by Mila Young and C.R. Jane

Published 15 April 2021

Real Wolves Bite continues...

I ran from my fated mate.

I drove to the middle of nowhere, where I thought I’d be safe.
And somehow, I ended up here.

Amarok has secrets. And it’s a town filled with shifters.
The very thing I’ve been trying to get away from.

My arrival has shattered the fragile peace this town's had for the last century.
War is coming between the two packs, and only I seem to have the ability to stop it.

The two alphas in the town are determined to have me.
But a killer wants the very same thing.

Me? I just want whatever’s inside of me to be released.

Like Wilder and Daxon, I carry my own secrets, ones that make it impossible for my fated mate to let me go.

They call me wild…
But I just want to be free.

Wild Moon
Wild Heart
Coming soon...

Book 10

Wild Girl

by Mila Young and C.R. Jane

Published 9 August 2021

My fated mate who rejected me has returned.

I should have known Alistair would find me.

But the dark secrets of my new home have been distracting me from the danger I'll always be in as long as he is alive.

A serial killer. My lovers' psycho ex. Not to mention my strange new powers;

It's been a lot for a girl to handle.

Two Alphas have also claimed me as their own. Now that I've been taken, they'll stop at nothing to get me back. But we should have remembered that there were scarier things in the shadows than my ex.

I need to be more wolf than woman now, because to survive, I'm going to have to embrace the wild in me.