Book 0.5

Cover of Zarafa and the Higher Power

Despite what they want you to think, the underdog doesn’t always win. I’m living proof of it. That doesn’t mean I plan to give up any time soon. After being rescued from my past life as a beggar, I’ve realized there’s only one way I’ll be able to essentially erase my past. I have to make it to the highest spot in Dravyn’s Higher Power I can—even if it means joining Zilferia’s Dragon Hunters and doing other things I feel are beneath me until I can prove myself to the Higher Power and join them...

Book 1

Cover of Crystal Dragon

Crystal Dragon by Katie Cherry

Published 2 October 2018

What if you discovered you were part dragon?I never imagined magic might really exist, despite my ability to shift my eyes to those resembling a dragon. Everyone has weird skills, right? When I was abducted and transported to planet called Zilferia, a wondrous place where magic thrived, my opinion and my entire life changed forever.I now find myself at the center of an impending war against the Dragon Hunters—a brutal race of people who plan to eradicate every dragon in the seven realms.The citi...

Book 2

Cover of Crystal Hope

Crystal Hope by Katie Cherry

Published 20 January 2019

Soldier. Leader. Legend. How can one teenage girl hope to live up to all these expectations?Isolated on Second Earth, Crystal with the separation from Zilferia, despite all that the Dragon Hunters had done to her there. When the plea comes to return, she jumps at the chance.​Without her powers, nothing goes to plan as she tries to help in the fight against the Dragon Hunters. Desperate to help despite her own weakened state, she seeks to unite the races of Zilferia, hoping to find some way to re...

Book 3

Cover of Crystal Lies

Crystal Lies by Katie Cherry

Published 1 June 2019

A new prophecy. Terrifying creatures. A royal family who wants them dead.Hoping for a less dangerous venture than their last, Crystal and Nathan enter the watery realm of Quagon in search of her brother, Rex. Along the way, they meet friends new and old, and Nathan discovers something shocking about himself. But the threat in Quagon is greater than anything they faced before.A deadly monster lurks beneath the waves, yet an even greater threat looms on the surface. The King will stop at nothing t...

Book 4

Cover of Crystal Curse

Crystal Curse by Katie Cherry

Published 7 January 2020

The death of someone close drove me from my home, but there’s another reason for my flight to the dry realm, Ponorama…With Nathan, Nora, Savitri, Angela, and Chet by my side, we scour Ponorama in search of my lost brother, hoping he’ll help change the tide in the war against the Dragon Hunters. For my parents, the King and Queen of Zilferia, going to Ponorama is a means to keep me safe. For me, it’s a way to feel productive in the war effort.A chance encounter with an old friend leads to a creat...

Book 5

Cover of Crystal Allegiance

Crystal Allegiance by Katie Cherry

Published 29 July 2020

Everyone is taking sides. Who will cast their allegiance with Crystal in her fight for the realms?A vampire reveals himself in Zilferia, claiming he wishes to help Crystal, recommending she and Nathan search for an outcast from the Higher Power. Nathan reluctantly agrees despite his doubts that their target, Zarafa, would ever give Crystal her allegiance.They soon discover their quest is frought with danger. Survival in Zelon comes first, and someone in their group may not make it out. Worse, Hi...

Book 6

Cover of Crystal Fate

Crystal Fate by Katie Cherry

Published 28 August 2020

War wages, a teen who is part dragon at the core. What fate awaits her and the realms?Crystal may have accepted her destiny as savior of the realms. Is willingness to sacrifice herself enough to secure a victory?Dravyn approaches. With his arrival, the situation becomes more perilous than ever before.If Dravyn catches our heroes before they can locate the Dragontree, the last hope to revive Crystal's dragon powers, the war may be finished before it's really begun.Can Crystal persevere, or is her...

Book 7

Cover of Crystal War

Crystal War by Katie Cherry

Published 18 December 2020

Time is up. The Darkness is ready to devour the realms. Is Crystal prepared to sacrifice herself to prevent the end of all she loves?Dravyn has given Crystal one week to surrender to him, but she has no intention of doing so. She has little time to prepare. Anything could tips the scales as she teeters between victory and defeat.One brother to redeem, another to find, families to protect, realms to rally, a dragon side to regain, a Queenship to accept, and the ‘god’ of life to locate: can she do...

Books 1-3

Cover of The Crystal Dragon Series

Part human, part dragon, a teen is caught in a war she barely understands. Entire realms depend on her ability to master her newly discovered magic.I didn’t believe in magic until I was abducted and transported to Zilferia, a planet filled with creatures thought to be mythical. Amazingly, I discovered I am one such creature—part human, part dragon.Prophecy labels me a savior, but it also puts a target on my back. The Dragon Hunters, a bloodthirsty set of renegades, will stop at nothing to wipe m...