Book 1

Cover of First

First by Casey Cox

Published 16 November 2020

First: (adverb)a: before another in time, space, or importance.b: for the first time.See also: Stirling "First-Time Daddy" Bishop.A boy who can't find what he wants.A Daddy who doesn't know what he needs.With his big blue eyes, lean frame, and propensity for adorkable clumsiness, Mikey Harrison is a Daddy magnet...for the wrong type of Daddy. Those who mistake his desire to serve as an open invitation to mistreat him and abuse his trust.But all of that changes when he lays his eyes on Stirling B...

Book 2

Cover of Big

Big by Casey Cox

Published 16 December 2020

Big: (adjective)Large, as in size, height, width, or amount.See also: Nick "Big Boy Energy" Macklin.A Daddy who has everything money can buy...Except the one boy he can’t have.You’ve never met a boy like Nick Macklin. He’s an enigma, wrapped in warm cinnamon pastry, wearing a belly-exposing tank top. He’s two hundred and forty pounds of confident, cocky, curvy yumminess.He’s proud of his body and proud to be a big boy. He’s also loud, unfiltered, loyal, and fiercely independent. In other words,...