Book 1


by Nicole Conway

Published 14 November 2020

One boy must earn the trust of a blind dragon and hunt down an elusive sorceress before she can rekindle the war that nearly destroyed their world.

As the Kingdom of Maldobar emerges victorious from the brutal invasion of the Tibran Empire, much of the land is left in utter ruin. With his home destroyed and family gone, 16-year-old Thatcher Renley has no one left to turn to. And when he’s mistaken for a Tibran soldier and banished to a wartime prison camp, Thatcher knows his only hope for freedom lies in appealing to Queen Jenna directly.
But getting out of the prison camp might be the least of his worries— especially after he stumbles across a feral dragon locked in an iron cell.

As far as dragons go, Fornax is a lost cause. The battle that killed his rider also left him blind and too aggressive for any knight to control. But Thatcher can’t deny feeling drawn to the beast. Does he have what it takes to calm Fornax and join the proud ranks of Maldobar’s dragonriders? Only time will tell. And with a bloodthirsty Tibran witch threatening to rekindle the chaos of war, everyone’s time may be running out.

Book 2


by Nicole Conway

Published 4 February 2021

The darkest secrets of Murdoc’s violent past may be their last hope.

As pressure mounts to find the Tibran witch, Devana, Thatcher and his companions struggle to regroup after discovering Phillip’s bitter betrayal. Forced into hiding while they await a new plan of attack from Prince Judan's network of spies, tensions rise and threaten to tear their company apart. Murdoc knows every second they linger risks another attack from the vicious Ulfrangar Assassins or Phillip, but Reigh is determined to stay and await new instructions.

With two of his closest friends now locked in a battle of wills, Thatcher is caught in the middle—until a surprise assault by the Ulfrangar drags him into the darkest depths of their brutal order. Faced with a life-and-death race against time, Murdoc is the only one who might be able to save him now. But for Murdoc, taking up an assassin’s blade again to fight the same order that trained him will also mean facing the worst demons of his past.

Can Murdoc finally rise above his bloody past and save his only friend? Or does destiny have a new path in store for an assassin-turned-hero?

Book 3


by Nicole Conway

Published 8 June 2021

The truth of Thatcher’s divine birthright could save his friends … if it doesn’t destroy him first.

Left reeling from a brutal attack by the Ulfrangar, Thatcher and his friends struggle to regroup. But their time is already running out. With the forces of their mysterious enemies now allying against them and Phillip’s betrayal confirmed, the group fears they may have stumbled into an unwinnable fight for their lives.

The group knows they need to get Phillip back in order to even the odds, but haggling with notorious crime lords and dueling assassins in the streets is not what any of them bargained for. And when the Ulfrangar make a brutal surprise strike, Thatcher’s godling power finally begins to awaken. Can he find the strength he’s longed for to rise and fight for the people he loves? Or will his destiny to become a God drive them all apart?

Book 4


by Nicole Conway

Published 20 December 2021

In a battle of assassins and dragonriders, the true power of mercy will be tested ...

Thatcher Renley is not ready to go to war. Ahead of him, a mysterious army of assassins and war criminals gathers for a surprise invasion, poised to make the first deadly strike. Behind him, a small group of dragonriders and band of unlikely allies rush to assemble a resistance. As the darkness gathers, the divine rival that has haunted his steps from the very beginning finally emerges, ready to challenge Maldobar's hard-won peace. And this time, she's calling Thatcher out personally.

Even with powerful allies like Jaevid Broadfeather, Jace Rordin, and Garnett ready to fight alongside him, Thatcher worries their forces won't be enough to start an insurrection led by the Goddess of Mischief herself. But this battle might not be won with sword and dragonfire. Can Thatcher muster his courage and enough power to stop her? Or will the craftiness and spite of a vengeful goddess finally be the kingdom's undoing?