Book 1

Cover of Eagle's Heart

Eagle's Heart by Lindsey Stirling

Published 17 October 2020

The young Eagle, Iolair, longs to impress her father and his Eagle Rider, Leif, by proving her bravery and skill. Yet in accepting a dare from her friend, Tahke, Iolair finds herself lost in a strange, dark place where she will need all her courage to survive. 

Book 2

Cover of Swords

Swords by Lindsey Stirling

Published 31 October 2020

Marsaili is training to become an elite soldier in the Palace Guard, but she is fed up with everyone underestimating her. When a chance comes to prove herself against fellow recruit, Tristan, she takes it eagerly, even though it may cost her the approval of legendary swordmaster, Odmund.