Book 1

Cover of Negima! 1

Negima! 1 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 April 2004

Book 2

Cover of Negima!, Volume 2

Negima!, Volume 2 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 August 2004

Book 3

Cover of Negima!, Volume 3

Negima!, Volume 3 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 October 2004

There is a vampire stalking the night! Normally ten-year-old teacher/magician Negi Springfield would have no problem dispatching such a villain, but this vampire has a magic-enhancing partner - a team that partnerless Negi cannot defeat - and worse, the vampire is a student in his own class! Now he must find a partner of his own, but with a class full of beautiful girls all vying for the position, it won't be an easy task. Add in Negi's old friend, a skirt-chasing weasel from Wales, and the nice...

Book 4

Cover of Negima!, Volume 4

Negima!, Volume 4 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 December 2004

Ten-year-old teacher/magician, Negi Springfield is looking forward to taking his class of beautiful girls to the historic cities of Kyoto and Nara - but there's a catch! Negi's student, Konoka, is a kidnap target of feuding magicians in those very cities. Her grandfather, the school principal, orders Negi to protect Konoka - while keeping the fact that she's in danger a secret from the unsuspecting girl. To add to Negi's headaches, his sword-wielding student, Setsuna, may be a spy for the kidnap...

Book 5

Cover of Negima! 5

Negima! 5 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 31 December 2004

Book 5

Cover of Negima!, Volume 5

Negima!, Volume 5 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 29 March 2005

When ten-year-old prodigy Negi Springfield graduated from university with a degree in magic, he never imagined he would soon be teaching English to a bevy of gorgeous high school girls. Now Negi's old friend Chamo, a lecherous weasel from Wales, and student Asakura have arranged a competition among the girls to see which of the lovely students will be the first to kiss the teacher! Sure, a kiss will strengthen Negi's magical abilities, but doesn't this contest just support Chamo's voyeuristic pr...

Book 6

Cover of Negima! 6

Negima! 6 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 September 2005

Book 6

Cover of Negima volume 6

Negima volume 6 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 September 2005

The chaotic class trip continues as Negi Springfield and his thirty-one beautiful female students explore the historic cities of Kyoto and Nara. Negi's special headache is Konoka, the headmaster's granddaughter, who turns out to have her own magical abilities! Although she's not aware of them, others certainly are...and Konoka is kidnapped by a group of wizards, who plan to corrupt her budding talents. Negi is going to need all the help he can get - even if it comes from a former foe...

Book 7

Cover of Negima!, Volume 7

Negima!, Volume 7 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 September 2005

After their adventures on a school trip to Kyoto, you'd think that Negi and his students would want to rest. But now that they're back at Mahora Academy, relaxation is pretty low on the list! Firstly there are Asuna's dreams, which hint at a deeper relationship between Negi and his father of which she is unaware. Then Negi starts a quest to improve his abilities. To do this, the teacher will need to become a student - and Negi's students will become his teachers. Ku Fei is a master of every mart...

Book 8

Cover of Negima!, Volume 8

Negima!, Volume 8 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 December 2005

Ten-year-old magical prodigy and girls' school instructor Negi Springfield has a new secret...and some of his more stubborn students are determined to uncover it. Few know that Negi has magical powers. (In fact, he'll be turned into a weasel if he is officially found out.) No wonder Negi is so cautious while taking magic lessons from the so-good-at-being-bad Evangeline. As one of the few students who actually know about his special abilities, Asuna is the one girl to whom Negi decides to tell an...

Book 9

Cover of Negima!, Volume 9

Negima!, Volume 9 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 February 2006

It's almost time for the legendary Mahorafest - the Mahora Academy Festival - and the whole school is buzzing with anticipation. Class 3-A is preparing a haunted house, even though the class really is haunted. Eva's robotic servant appears to be malfunctioning, but the mechanical girl might just be feeling human emotions. And, she's not the only one! Asuna sees the upcoming festival as the perfect opportunity to finally confess true love to Takahata-sensei. Unfortunately, Asuna can't work up the...

Book 10

Cover of Negima!, Volume 10

The sprawling, activity-packed three-day Mahora Academy Festival is under way. Overwhelmed and exhausted by his schedule, Negi falls asleep and almost loses an entire day. But thanks to Chao Lingshen's amazing pocket-size invention, Negi suddenly has time to spare! So Negi goes on a date with Nodoka, patrols the dangerous areas surrounding the legendary World Tree, becomes accidentally possessed by strange magic, inspires a heart-to-heart with usually secretive students, and prepares to compete...

Book 11

Cover of Negima!, Volume 11

Negima!, Volume 11 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 August 2006

The first lo-o-o-o-o-ng day of the Mahora Academy Festival is finally coming to a close. Of course, Negi needed to repeat the day four times, courtesy of a bit of magic, to make it through his to-do list. And thanks to Evangeline's enchanted resort, Negi has had enough training and rest. But will he have the courage to face fellow magic-teacher Takamichi in the premier round? It's time to do what Negi's father did before him - not only survive the 'Budokai' but win it!

Book 12

Cover of Negima!, Volume 12

Negima!, Volume 12 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 November 2006

At the Mahora Academy Festival, the Budokai Martial Arts Tournament is well under way - and it seems that all the participants have something to hide. What has awakened inside Asuna during the battle with Setsuna? Everyone remains in the dark about the true identity of the curious Ku:nel Sanders - except Evangeline, a vampire who, not surprisingly, loves the dark. But how exactly did she become a bloodsucker? As for Setsuna, how deeply conflicted is this member of the 'Bird Trobe'? Will she be a...

Book 13

Cover of Negima!, Volume 13

Negima!, Volume 13 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 February 2007

As the Budokai Martial Arts Tournament draws to a close, Negi finds himself facing one of his own students, Setsuna, in battle. But after the strange disappearance of Takahata-sensei, and an even stronger conversation with the mysterious Ku:nel Sanders, can Negi pull it together to emerge victorious? Elsewhere, student Asuna leads a group of rescuers - among them another student of magic - deep into the catacombs beneath Mahora Academy. Who will receive the greater shock: Asuna in the depths bel...

Book 14

Cover of Negima volume 14

Negima volume 14 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 May 2007

Negi Springfield has finally met his father - or at least a hologram of him. Now Negi is more determined than ever to follow in his father's footsteps. But there is no time for self-reflection: after his mind-blowing performance at the Budokai Martial Arts Tournament, Negi is at the center of a media storm. On the run from marauding reporters, Negi disguises himself with the help of a potion that turns him into a gorgeous bishonen. But using magic puts Negi at risk. His sneaky pupil Chisame may...

Book 15

Cover of Negima volume 15

Negima volume 15 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 28 August 2007

Boy wizard Negi Springfield has met some tough challenges. After all, he's an English teacher at an all-girls high school. But now he must face one of his own students in battle ...without relying on his magical powers!

Book 16

Cover of Negima!, Volume 16

Negima!, Volume 16 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 6 December 2007

SERIES OVERVIEW:From Ken Akamatsu, the creator of the hugely popular series Love Hina, Negima follows the adventures of ten-year-old Negi Springfield. He has just graduated from a British school for magic only to find himself assigned to teach English in an all-girl's Japanese high school! All Negi wants is to become a great wizard - but he's forbidden to use magic in his new post. Still, he can't help himself when his powers can solve somebody else's problem. Of course, sometimes his magic only...

Book 17

Cover of Negima!, Volume 17

Negima!, Volume 17 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 15 March 2008

Book 20

Cover of Negima!, Volume 20

Negima!, Volume 20 by Ken Akamatsu

Published 1 December 2008