Book 1

Cover of House of Scepters

House of Scepters by Anne Zoelle

Published 28 August 2020

Who—or what—will you become, when the power to rule all is in your hand?Whoever holds a scepter, rules a gate. Whoever holds the scepter that rules all others, rules the world. A ruthless shadow magi, a cunning thief, a loyal fugitive, and a charming rogue will hunt—and be hunted—for the most powerful object in the land.But only one hand can hold the scepter—and a legacy of blood follows its grip. Take care in what you desire. Be careful in what you reach for. Beware the House of Scepters.  In...

Book 2

Cover of Cage of Shadows

Cage of Shadows by Anne Zoelle

Published 18 September 2020

Who—or what—will you choose, when the shadows close around you? Taline will do anything to get back to Nin.  Rone will do anything to keep the scepter from the emperor's hand. Nin will do anything to leave her past behind as she is forced to confront it amid bloody battlefields, relentless assassins, and the emperor's glittering and diabolical court. And Kaveh, as he wrecks worlds with Nin at his side... Kaveh starts to think he will do anything to bind Nin to him permanently. Madness lurks...

Book 3

Cover of Crown of Starlight

Crown of Starlight by Anne Zoelle

Published 9 October 2020

Unmasked, hunted, devastated, revealed... Kaveh, Nin, Taline, and Rone must decide what is worth fighting for—and who can be trusted to change the world.Crown of Starlight is the satisfying conclusion to the events that started in House of Scepters and that came to a head in Cage of Shadows.